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NO:IR are back with a blistering new single ‘Vanity’ after two outstanding singles in 2019. It’s eerie, it’s powerful and it’s downright rancid (in the best way).

‘Vanity’ is intense from the get go, talking no prisoners with an instant flurry of anxiety from vocalist Evvi, alone with vigorous drums before the introduction of ghostly guitar lines which fill the empty space, almost taunting you over what's to come.

As ever with NO:IR, expect the unexpected. The chorus explodes with fury as cleverly timed screams support Evvi’s harsh delivery and profound lyrics. Then comes the riffage - riffage that’s sinister while remaining well polished and clear, which is no mean feat.

NO:IR are (from left to right) Sonny Gazzard, Sam 'Evvi' Davies, Alex Roberts, Jake Gazzard and George Farley

Cue the second verse making its mark with a demonic rising rap erupting into a complete frenzy. Nothing unusual here!

The build up to the bridge really is the calm before a turbulent storm as you’re about to get hit (hard) with a beastful breakdown accompanied by distressing screams and a totally dirty growl.

Vanity takes all the fantastic elements of ‘Hive’ and ‘Erase:me’ (NO:IR’s previous singles) and enhances them tenfold, with a developed and genuinely unique style.

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