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SINGLE REVIEW: "Time Is Short" by Victoria Tweed

Victoria Tweed’s newly released single, “Time Is Short”, is an ode to the beauty of reflection and minimalism.

Since her debut single “Ease” was independently released in January 2020, Victoria Tweed has given us a trilogy of paths into her introspective mind. Her three new singles weave her dreamy electric guitar and trance-like vocals into a kaleidoscope of mellow; inspired by the tragic airiness of Lana Del Rey. Victoria Tweed also takes influence from the intimate bedroom pop of Clairo, and Billie Marten’s delicate indie folk, to create a new style that is

both beautiful and raw.

Above - the single artwork for "Time Is Short" by Victoria Tweed

“Time is Short” is the 20 year old singer-songwriter’s most recent release. The most tender-hearted song of hers so far, it embodies Victoria’s grace and mild nature with lyrics that look into the past with a sense of melancholic blasé. The phrases “maybe I could have done something / maybe I could have been someone” scratch the surface of a personal dilemma with time. Victoria has been generous with open meanings in this song, and her talent for writing with a sense of privacy whilst also laying her feelings out bare should be applauded.

The atmosphere of “Time Is Short” is the embodiment of a summer breeze - a fever dream reminiscent of slow-dancing to Mac Demarco in your bedroom at 3am. The journey ebbs and flows with sparkles and flourishes, with vintage electric piano and hazy synths wrapped around the song’s fragility like cotton wool made of gold. “Time Is Short” is a true masterpiece of contemplation.

Keep up to date with Victoria Tweed with her Linktree here.

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