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SINGLE REVIEW: "Simple Functions" by Squidge + INTERVIEW

Everyone around Bath will know Squidge as THE punk rock band of the area, and I know I speak on behalf of many that it’s felt a long wait since their last single ‘Never Knows Best’ in September. But it was worth the wait. This one’s a rager.

"Simple Functions" by Squidge - Out Now on all streaming platforms

The brand new single ‘Simple Functions’ encapsulates everything good about Squidge. It’s got everything you want in a rock track. Choruses that set up camp in your ear, huge walls of guitar and pure electric energy that will sizzle you to the core, this is classic, in your face punk rock, and it’s brilliant.

Lyrically ‘Simple Functions’ is excellent and as introspective as ever, dealing with the very relatable feeling of struggling with day-to-day tasks, especially prominent during lockdown. James Francis’ punchy vocals flawlessly display dissatisfaction and withering motivation, hammering home how much of a battle the daily grind is. The verse is full of crunchy chugs, establishing the head nods, before opening up to a great pop-punk chorus which you’ll be singing along to by the time you’ve finished your first listen.

Squidge are: Jordan Mallinson, Tom Dodd, James Francis and George Hopkins

The bridge and outro breakdowns are thrashy and melodic, channelling influences from Foo Fighters and Dinosaur Pile-Up, with the intensity and excitement straight out of a 90’s Green Day record. It’s totally bouncy, and buzzing with awesome grinding riffs, not to mention the fantastic moment before the final chorus where the production drops for a delicate rendition of the chorus by Jordan Mallinson, reminiscent of an acoustic demo, before the full chorus slams back in again. Sick.

Following on from anthems such as ‘Tired’ and ‘Sleep’, Squidge have truly focused their sound to the point where you can tell immediately it’s them. I can’t wait to hear what’s next, so I sat down and asked the lads a few questions.

Lads! Congrats on the new single! How are you feeling about it?

James: Cheers! It's always really exciting to get new music out and Simple Functions is a song we've played at gigs for a while, so we couldn't wait to release it. Funnily enough because of lockdown we got to work really hard and spend more time on promoting it. The comments and engagement we've had has been absolutely fantastic, which helps remind us why we do this.

Does the meaning behind the song take a new form now, given what’s happening in the world at the moment?

Jordan: I don’t really think it takes a new form as such but I just think it expands upon the current meaning and exaggerates it’s themes. Our songs tend to be quite introspective and usually from the point of view of an individual. In this case Simple Functions refers to being trapped within a situation that brings you down and ultimately takes over your life. But now the lockdown situation has allowed Simple Functions’ meaning to expand beyond just an individual’s experience. It’s become relevant to everyone now considering that we’re all individually trapped within one big unavoidable situation. I just think that the lockdown has made the song and it’s themes feel far more relatable for everyone, so it seems oddly appropriate, and kind of spooky that this all coincided with Simple Functions’ release.

How did ‘Simple Functions’ come to life?

Jordan: I wrote Simple Functions around October 2017. I was going through a pretty rough time back then so naturally I decided to write about how I was feeling to essentially bottle my feelings and forget what had happened over those previous weeks. At the time I was really into David Bowie and his strange and unorthodox methods of songwriting. One of his methods involved taking a load of his old material, like a song or poem, writing out the lyrics on paper and tearing the lines and phrases apart to reconstruct them into something new. I had managed to get the verses down but I was struggling to come up with a chorus I liked, so I went and found some songs I never used in an old song book and attempted this method of songwriting. This was how I wrote the chorus and how the title ‘Simple Functions’ even came about. It was almost all created by chance yet somehow it made perfect sense at the same time. Initially I wasn’t going to use this song for anything as I just wanted it to be some kind of outlet, however after I jammed it out with Tom in the practice room, I kinda knew it felt right as a Squidge song.

How are you keeping busy during lockdown? Any new hobbies?

Jordan: I mean I’m just trying to keep creative in general. I’m doing art, video editing and trying to learn how to play the drums, that’s not going great but it’s something haha!

James: Same with Jordan, I’m just trying to write and be as creative as possible. Been trying to produce some synth-wave tracks as it’s one of my favourite genres.

What can we expect next from Squidge?

More music for sure (maybe something to do with packaging). Weirder videos and hopefully when all this bollocks is over, we'll get to play our best and biggest gig yet.


Listen to the "Simple Functions", the new single from Squidge, here and keep up to date by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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