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SINGLE REVIEW: "Pretty Boy" by Garbage Queen

Garbage Queen returns with a startling, sonorous statement of dreamy grunge passion.

The alt pop/rock/punk/whatever the hell she wants to do artist has just birthed her latest piece of gold, ’Pretty Boy’, which touches on the satirical fragility of egos in the modern world in the body of a 70s-esque new-wave classic.

A gentle, dreamy approach introduces the track, soaked in swirling chorus-heavy guitars. The slurring main vocals drip with tension layered below an opaque sense of nonchalantness, before the chorus crashes with an insanely memorable and catchy hook alongside a thick wall of smashing rhythm. It’s an enticing, gritty arrangement that captures an authentic essence with her raw approach to writing.

Garbage Queen has left a lot of room for interpretation through the heavy simplicity of the song’s grunge chorus. The track is nuanced with the modern, dreamy rock sound of Wolf Alice and is a nod to female-fronted post-punk pioneers of the 1970s.

Perhaps the most crucial part of this song can be felt clearer when watching its official music video. Garbage Queen is a true performer and has a particularly eager eye for polishing her deliberately unpolished stories. The video sees the antagonistic singer fighting and making up with her own Pretty Boy, with flashes of light and lashings of darkness further twisting this disturbing tale. Telling a story with just two paint colours and the emotion on your face is a bold and risky vision, but from this came a tsunami of harsh, uncontrollable energy. Its theatricality is both satiric and bitter.

Garbage Queen’s debut "Reflection" came out earlier this year and there’s no stopping her in her quest of expression. Explore the mind of Garbage Queen herself with the links below:



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