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SINGLE REVIEW: "Our Vices" by Laika

Pulsating, gritty and exuberant. Bournemouth’s Laika have released a new single titled “Our Vices” and it slaps. Grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and dragging you along for the ride, frontman Sammy Lloyd bashes you with emotional turmoil and flawless power.

Artwork for "Our Vices" - the new single by Laika

The track kicks off with thrashing drums and a driving hook setting the energy levels high, where they stay for the duration. It oozes grunginess and hits hard with it’s dark tones, highlighted by lyrics such as ‘You’re not special, You’ll never come of anything, You’re just a drop out with a pipe dream, You’ll never achieve anything”. Lyrically, it's compelling and potent. The chorus is resonating and rather bleak; "There's only so many times I can say this'll be the making of me". Honest and sincere.

Laika are Sammy Lloyd, Callum Gough, Matt Hart and Ben Peters

My favourite moment in the track has to be the sharp turn after the second chorus; an unexpected twist towards post hardcore where an isolated high octane tremolo guitar part ramps up the magnitude of the track. Then, dropping back in with hefty guitar and noisy feedback squeals topped with a fantastic lyric shouted with intensity - “You made your bed so sleep in it”.

Raw and lively, but also extremely atmospheric, “Our Vices” is only to be played loud.

Watch the official music video for "Our Vices"


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