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Single Review: "Nature's Curse" by Mawpit

An emphatic message blended into a grunge soup, with a disgruntlement that grows throughout. The debut single from Mawpit, ‘Nature’s Curse’ forms a strong and heavy hitting image in the mind, one of shocking realisation and enlightenment, shrouded in pent up (but justified) bitterness.

Artwork for "Nature's Curse" by Bloodflower Design

The way in which the Cardiff based trio mix super spacious, reverb drenched guitar, pounding drums and gritty distortion is fantastic, not to mention a wonderfully passionate vocal performance from vocalist Cait. Each verse builds up into a dynamite chorus and a murky but crisp riff, reminiscent of Royal Blood, which languorously breathes across the track, cementing the impression of Mother Nature herself speaking out against humanity’s greed and selfishness.

Mawpit are Jordan, Cait and Aled

The chorus longs for answers, desperately asking “Why do you burn me down?”, referencing forest fires and global warming, a truly significant issue that constantly gets swept under the rug by governments. A stand out lyric is “Your greed will be the death of you, and you’ll be the death of me” which magnificently heightens the importance of recognising the damage society has caused to the planet.

A song this deep leaves a mark on you, and has certainly made me think about what sort of impact I make on the environment. “Nature’s Curse” is an astoundingly thought-provoking track and has set the bar high for Mawpit. I can’t wait to hear more.

The track comes out on Friday (19th June), so be sure to follow the band on social media ready for the release. Head over to their Facebook and Instagram.

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