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SINGLE REVIEW: "Move To L.A" by Red Hot Riot + INTERVIEW

Daniel West (Drums), Scott McParland (Bass) and Ricky Delaney (Guitar/Vox) of Red Hot Riot

The exciting and impressive Red Hot Riot are shedding a new, youthful and spirited light on rockabilly. Hailing from the Forest of Dean, the 3 piece have been tearing up the UK circuit with electrifying zeal and the brand new single "Move To L.A" continues the trend of highly danceable boogie material.

At first, frontman Ricky Delaney greets you with frisky stripped back guitar and retro telephone vocals before bassist Scott McParland jumps aboard the groove train with a meritorious and bouncy walking bass-line, sliding into place perfectly alongside Daniel West’s shuffle. Foot = tapping.

The chorus is almost satirical; “I might move to L.A, just for something to say”. It’s, in Delaney’s own words, “a song about people who talk complete nonsense”. Everyone and their nan is posting all over Instagram nowadays, trying to show off what they’ve been doing in order to prove to everyone that their life is great, so the irony seeping from this track is clear. A crisp take on modern life on a classic rock’n’roll vehicle.

Delaney's tearing yet vintage guitar solo is scintillating and bursting with enthusiasm, which rubs off on you as you listen and will no doubt provoke a gleaming grin. A suspenseful and brilliantly bluesy riff cascades the song down to an isolated chorus vocal, then slams you back into full swing with an assured strut. These guys know what they’re doing, and do it damn well.

Artwork for Red Hot Riot's new single:"Move To L.A"

I sat down with vocalist & guitarist Ricky Delaney to find out more about the band and the new single.

Congratulations on the new single! Tell me about the band. Where did you meet and how did it all start?

Ricky:"The band started as a bit of fun and as a money earner, it was never meant to become a serious project. Myself and Scott were in another band that had kind of hit a wall, and so we just decided to play a gig at our local pub doing what would become Red Hot Riot. We had friends and family come down for the show, and a few people filmed bits of the gig and posted the videos on Facebook groups etc, to which we had a really good response! From that we thought we’d just carry on as it was fun, and seemed to be working!"

"3 gigs in and we were basically confirmed to play at Glastonbury Festival 2019, which still blows my mind now! We have had a few different drummers come and go, but nothing really stuck until we met Daniel, about 6 months into the band starting. He didn't join initially, but did stand in for a few gigs that our drummer at the time couldn't make. When that drummer left, it felt very natural for Daniel to become permanent and we couldn't be happier with how things have worked out. Everything just clicks musically and we all get on really well. It’s lovely really!"

Can you give me some background on the new single? Is there any story behind it?

Ricky: "Move To L.A is a song about people who talk complete nonsense, and how social media has become a tool where a lot of people need to document everything they do. It makes people sometimes feel they have to do something to be able to post it online, and that’s what this is about. The chorus lyric “I might Move To L.A, Just for something to say” sums it up really. It’s also one that has been in the set for quite a few months now, so people who have seen us should know it! I know it’s one of our favourites to play live as we just let loose on it and go a bit crazy!"

What is your creative process like? And has it changed over the last few months?

Ricky: "It used to be that I would write all the songs, bring them to a rehearsal space and we’d jam it out and add or change bits as we went along which I think is quite a normal process for bands. These days are a little more tricky. I’m lucky enough to have access to recording software at home, and so are the lads. So now, I’ll write the song and demo my parts, then send it across and they add their parts."

"You lose that creative part of getting together and everyone changing bits, but at the same time this has been an interesting way to write. It actually forces you to get better at your songwriting, as you only have one chance in a way!"

If RHR could open for any artist (past or present), who would you choose?

Ricky: "Wow, what a question! I think if we had to choose as a band, we’d go with Stray Cats, the 80’s Neo Rockabilly band. That kinda suits where we were at when we started the band and we all have a big love for the Stray Cats. We’re opening for the bassist of that band - Lee Rocker - this November, all being well, so we’ve in a way ticked that one off anyway haha! If I had to choose one myself, maybe the Rolling Stones or Arctic Monkeys? It’d have to be a big name wouldn’t it haha!"

So what’s next for Red Hot Riot?

Ricky: "We signed with Western Star Records in late 2019, and so have been working towards the debut album. We’re due to be recording it at the end of July, and will release it this winter (fingers crossed)! After that it's just constant touring all around the UK, promoting the album etc.''

"We were due to be playing Glastonbury again this year so we’ve now got that next year, and we’re playing a festival over in Spain next summer also which we’re all really looking forward to, called the Psychobilly Meeting at Pineda de Mar near Barcelona! We toured in France late last year so looking to do that again too. We are just desperate to get back out touring again as I'm sure all bands are!"

Finally, with the #SaveOurVenues movement being so important, which venues mean something to you?

Ricky: "We love so many venues and the people who run them. We’ve made so many friends from different venues and different cities, so it’s hard to whittle it down really! It's brilliant that the #SaveOurVenues movement is happening and people are donating! Billy Bootleggers in Nottingham and Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gaz’s Rockin Blues in Soho London, The Louisiana in Bristol, Deep Inside in Dijon France, The Fleece in Bristol, Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff...I could go on and on! If people want to be able to return to live music then we all need to pull together and get behind places like i've just mentioned!"


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