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SINGLE REVIEW: "Mister Narcissus" by The Wedlocks

Quirky, unorthodox and surging with energy, “Mister Narcissus” starts, stays and ends at 100. And it’s brilliant.

The new single from beloved Bath-based trio The Wedlocks comes after their equally witty tune “I H8 Ur Gf”, and awards itself as another celebration of pure piano punk. The group have been releasing “cool music for uncool people” (self-described) since 2018, with their debut EP “Girls Who Don’t Like You” providing our first look-in to their slick yet unconventional energy.

The Wedlocks (photographed by Tom Dodd Photography)

“Mister Narcissus” is the apogee of The Wedlocks’ rare ability to make the listener feel so very involved in a story. Frontman Alex Wedlock serves up plenty of unparalleled energy with a climactic vocal performance that takes the time to morph from nonchalant to abrasive deliriousness, fresh out of the kooky oven that the likes of David Byrne and Joe Strummer once too baked bread in.

Complemented by classic rock and roll harmonies from drummer Megan, the artistry in “Mister Narcissus” is just… delicious! Alex also takes centre stage through The Wedlocks’ unstoppable force and superpower - piano. The ivories were smashed into omnipresent and potent being throughout this wonderfully unsubtle tune.

Every element of this song is pretty intense. Nevertheless, they all bind together perfectly to take a definite journey through the life and many pitfalls of Mister Narcissus himself. There’s a sense of 2000s-heavy grit that weaves its way throughout the song and peaks in its guitar solo moment, resulting in a surge of pure nostalgia for all ages, present both in the music and in sharp lyrics such as “are you telling all the stories about how you did her right / just how much she loves you, how you put ladders in her tights”. The character building throughout the song is incredibly well crafted, and leaves you imagining this very real narcissist, hanging on to every word like God’s own truth.

It’s undeniably piano punk, and if you need to expel any kind of lockdown energy I’d highly recommend dancing around your kitchen to “Mister Narcissus” a fair few times.

"Mister Narcissus" artwork (designed by Annie Lishman)

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