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SINGLE REVIEW: "Drag" by Longcoats

Longcoats hit more than your average indie band. Their latest single ‘Drag’ has a vibe of true lung twisting frustration to it, slammed home by frontman Ollie Sharp’s heartfelt lyrics and heart-on-his-sleeve delivery. In many bands there’s often a disconnection between lyrics and vocal performance, but you won’t find that with Longcoats.

"Drag" Cover Art

Released on March 6th 2020, Drag has already acquired over 1500 streams on Spotify, proving its worth as Longcoats wade their way through a heavily populated scene. What really makes this track stick out is how it differs to what we’re used to in an indie track. The UK is filled to the brim with indie summer tunes, but Drag creates a clear picture of disgruntlement accompanied by the moody and wistful guitars.

Well structured verses lead into more gentle and vulnerable pre choruses before a singalong chorus gets you literally ‘jumping up and down’, as the anguish riddled lyrics assert.

Hidden within the torment lies subtle moments of self acknowledgement and belief. ‘It’s all gonna be alright’ and ‘I guess that I’m better than nothing’ humanise the story and raise your empathy levels.

Dropping down to a solemn and delicate bridge that rises up to one final belting chorus, Sharp drags you through his feelings from being face down in the mud to hinting at moving on from past troubles.


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