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SINGLE REVIEW: 'Cardboard Box' by Squidge

I’m a VERY lucky dude as I've been able to listen to Squidge’s smashing new single ‘Cardboard Box’ early.

Artwork for 'Cardboard Box' by Jacob Meredith/Jumping Mountains

As was the case with ‘Simple Functions’ [released earlier this year - listen here], James, Jordan, Tom and George have continued down a refreshingly introspective path, considering the utter horrors we all feel about ‘growing up’ whilst keeping hold of memories in a box to maintain a level of value to our meandering trek through a rather uncertain world.

Underneath the captivating and upbeat Pop-Punk-esc choruses lives the dirty and gritty underbelly, epitomizing their excellent ability to balance the anthemic refrains with top quality, grungey riffage. The wait for live music will be worth it when we can mosh your limbs off to this.

George, James, Jordan and Tom [left to right] of Squidge. Photo by Lara Hempsall]

The track crashes through chugging and energetic verses, contemplating the worries of whether or not it’ll all be worth it when looking back, before expanding into a tremendously catchy and satisfying chorus, which is definitely the home of the track. Still, the band’s punky attitude bleeds through the roaring guitars and punchy drums via James’ and Jordan’s genuine vocal delivery.

The variance between the contagious melodies and stinging backing vocals across the verses and bridge pulsates through a message of retrospection, emphasising the heart-on-sleeve nature of the band, who are down to Earth and refuse to hide behind explosive distortion or any sort of protective front.

Make sure you pre-save the single -- HERE -- which is out tomorrow [28th August].

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