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SINGLE REVIEW: "Bad News" by The Marianas

Alt-pop group The Marianas released their latest single “Bad News” on the 13th of March 2020 - a catchy, coming-of-age track bursting with retro synth-pop groove and pulsing stadium goodness.

"Bad News" cover art

The Marianas have never been ones to shy away from moody, musky dance tracks, and “Bad News” is the most promising single from the group so far. The basis of the song flirts with dreams of disco, with guitarist Sam Allen providing a new, nuanced indie-pop layer á la The 1975. Mixed with Theo West’s bold 80s synthesiser flourishes, the tune is unmistakably reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club’s “Gameshow” - drawing influence from the legends of 80s pop and art-rock.

Chloe Richards’ vocals definitely have the attitude to match the ambitious vision placed on “Bad News”. She delivers words of classic teenage affliction with a much needed edge and a sense of purposeful naivety; her words cutting into the anticipating rhythm with confidence and even well-earned arrogance.

The Marianas Live: Sam Allen (left) & Chloe Richards (right)

The climactic energy of “Bad News” is a staple atmosphere of The Marianas, who never fail to bring out the showstoppers. An epic, exuberant soundscape is forged towards the end of the track, with a sudden presence of power in Chloe’s ad-libs soaring over a boisterous, experimental guitar solo. Sam Allen’s ability to play pretty much whatever he wants is astounding, and rare in many alternative and indie pop bands today. It is that self-expression from a collective of dauntless minds that really makes “Bad News” tick. It deserves your attention and should not be missed. Listen on Spotify here.

The Marianas are currently donating all proceeds made from their Bandcamp to the NHS. Keep up to date with The Marianas with their Linktree here.

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