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REVIEW: “From The Ashes” - Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

Intangibly divine and authentically new, Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards will release their second studio album “BITTER BETTER” on July 17 with Compass Records; described by the group as a “stunning lesson in all the ways string instruments can be played”. On May 8, the 4-piece, string-loving indie folk band premiered “From The Ashes”, the latest single from their upcoming album.

Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

“From The Ashes” is a beautifully reflective track, inspired by Laura Cortese’s friends in California who had lost their homes after the Tubbs wildfire in 2017. “What surprised me most was the resilience and strength I witnessed in these friends as they set out to rebuild their lives”, Cortese explained. Such resilience has spread through the world in the wake of our current crisis, and Cortese’s appeal to our humanity and sense of solidarity has been received with a lot of love.

Born out of optimism and zeal for life, a message of rebirth weaves its way through the track’s quirky storytelling and warmly revitalising instrumentation. The group stay true to their folk traditions whilst crafting a rich and dynamic new dimension to their roots, captured by unorthodox perspective and production from Sam Kassirer. It is a rare occurrence for banjos to be so flawlessly played alongside synths; each element forming a vivid soundscape of light.

Perhaps there could be no better narrative and anthem for the world right now than “From The Ashes”, as we join together in hope and hardships once again. Providing space for contemplation and emotional release, this music is like a newly-washed comforter for the mind. Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards aim to provide both relief and self-discovery with the release of “BITTER BETTER”, encapsulating dance-worthy grooves, fantastic stories and vocals full of passion and zest in one neatly bowed package.

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