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RELEASE RADAR: Yard Arms' "Mantra" - 08/05/20

Bristol-based jangle-pop duo Yard Arms are due to release their new single “Mantra” onto all major streaming platforms on the 8th of May 2020.

"Mantra" cover art

Fusing words of wistful romanticism with an equally emotional soundscape, the transatlantic duo have delivered another epic anthem full of nostalgia with “Mantra”; described as a “triumphant love letter to the anxious” by frontman Villenueve.

The track, recorded at Stage 2 Studios with producer Josh Gallop, is the debut from Yard Arms’ third EP - a promising single which captures their uniquely ‘feeling’ sound showcased in their previous works of “Maiden” and “A Glossary Of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts”.

“Mantra” is definitely one to watch out for - both morose and uplifting, playful yet melancholic, and undeniably emo, it is a great triumph as an arrangement and storytelling vessel. I, for one, cannot wait for you to enjoy the new wave of Yard Arms as much as I do.

Yard Arms - Noah Villeneuve & Billy Golding

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