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RELEASE RADAR: "The Man" by George Wilson on 23/5/20

Boundlessly gifted singer, pianist, songwriter and arranger George Wilson is due to release “The Man” on 23/05/20 on all major streaming services; completing his compelling debut trilogy of singles.

George Wilson

George mixes his classical upbringing with his inclination to write a poignant story, which produces consistently unforgettable songs. Taking inspiration from the greats of musical theatre and piano pop icons like Elton John and Tom Odell, he has released two both heart-warming and heart-wrenching songs for his trilogy so far.

“Ask Me”, George's debut single, is a beautiful story of uncertainty, wrapped in dramatic strings to deliver a delightfully theatrical range of emotions. “Little Birdy” was then released - a delicately romantic lullaby for all. We can expect big things from “The Man”, which is set to finish off George’s first trilogy on an inspired and uplifting note.

Artwork for "Little Birdy", "The Man" and "Ask Me"

Prior to lockdown, you could find George Wilson playing piano at Barton Street Wine Bar in Bath every Thursday and Friday evening. Now his original material can be streamed wherever you are - so grab a glass of wine, relax and enjoy George’s trilogy in completion on the 23rd of May.

Keep up to date with George Wilson on his Facebook and Instagram, and find where to stream his music here.

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