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RELEASE RADAR: All Smiles In Wonderland’s debut EP “State of Serenity” - 1/5/20

5-piece emo/rock band “All Smiles In Wonderland” are due to release their debut EP, “State of Serenity”, on the 1st May 2020. Pre-order “State of Serenity” here.

All Smiles in Wonderland

All Smiles in Wonderland are well known in Bath and Bristol for concocting powerfully emotional atmospheres, taking inspiration from bands such as American Football and Tiny Moving Parts. Their often anthemic and driven instrumentation weaves between graceful vocals from lead singer Maddie Christy, whose empathic lyrics speak out about the real, uncensored issues of life, encouraging listeners to look after each other as if we were one.

Released in 2019, the band’s duo of singles has introduced the world to music that many have already formed deep emotional connections to. “Astronaut” has received lots of love for its uplifting musical interpretation of deeply melancholy words, processing issues of mental health that reside in us all. More encouragement and strokes of genius will surely come with the release of their debut EP, “State of Serenity”.

Watch the official “Astronaut” lyric video here:

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