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Rejuvenate your summer with new Amy Walklett poolside anthem “Broken”

If you’re struggling to let go of your favourite summer tunes in this September heat, refresh your sunshine playlist with pop artist Amy Walklett’s new poolside anthem “Broken”. The feel-good dance track, written by Walklett and Luke Targett, is another impeccably produced and top 40 chart-ready groove; but Amy’s lyrical honesty and coming-of-age writing sets “Broken” above your standard pop.

“Broken” cover art designed by Lorna Robey

Simple at its inception, the track’s beautifully suspenseful minimalism evolves with, and is then warmly enveloped by, indulgent pop hooks and clever dance-worthy rhythms. Amy’s voice shines throughout the track, as crystal clear as her emotions through her lyrics - with the addition of effected harmonies adding more lush vibes to this breezy summer hit. Put it on and picture palm trees, pool floats and many of your favourite cocktails.

We’ve been waiting for a new Amy Walklett song since the release of her high-energy and equally danceable debut single, “Why Do You”, back in 2018. Since then, Amy has been hard at work in the studio with Targett, releasing her acoustic version of “Why Do You” earlier this year. Amy’s comeback with “Broken” is immense - it ticks all the boxes for dance-worthy pop and has cemented her incredible and universally loved sound. We are starting to piece together Amy Walklett’s classic sound, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Amy Walklett

If you are loving “Broken” as much as we are, you’ll be happy to hear that Amy has recently teamed up with designer Lorna Robey to create official merch celebrating its release! Head over to the official Amy Walklett Facebook or Instagram to check out the designs, and keep up to date with our favourite bubbly pop artist through the links on her Linktree.

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