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Joy In Blue release “Places”, Portsmouth’s latest post-hardcore triumph

Releasing two original singles during the first 6 months of writing is an achievement for any new band - but Joy In Blue have managed this, achieving 10,000+ streams across their platforms amidst a global pandemic.

Joy In Blue

The 4-piece post-hardcore band from Portsmouth have already gained more than 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify despite not playing any shows yet, and 2,695 YouTube views on their week-old lyric video for their latest single “Places”. The band’s debut single “Old Roads” was also notably added to Spotify’s Emo Anthem Rock playlist soon after its release, and the track has now been streamed almost 5,000 times.

Joy In Blue’s latest single “Places”, released alongside its grainy, old-school lyric video on the 20th July, is a celebration of emo reflection and journey both in lyricism and musicality. The song is full of rampant emotion and a sense of angst which builds, peaks, twists and flattens in various ways, complemented by Ben Turley’s outstanding vocal performance in which grit and power meet an incredible range. Lyrics of real feeling and melancholic rage soar above a rocky landscape, packed with moments to dance and chant. If you like bands like Title Fight, Balance and Composure, and Movements, you’re going to love Joy In Blue.

It is clear that the group, though just recently formed in 2020, have chemistry and a mutual understanding which shines through the complexity of their arrangements. Both in “Places” and “Old Roads”, Charlie Howson-Janes (bass) and Will Gibson (drums) are able to almost telepathically change gears to accommodate Zachary Reynold’s (lead guitar and backing vocals) array of masterful riffs, from delicate and melodic lines to dark and thundering growls. Once Joy In Blue can finally take to venues around the UK, they will be a huge crowd-pleaser.

Watch the lyric video for “Places” now:

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