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EP REVIEW: The Bottle ‘’Frontline EP 01’’

Updated: May 13, 2020

Bristol-based promoter The Bottle presents the first of many fundraising EP compilations.

The Bottle have done this with concrete prospects to raise money for the NHS amid the coronavirus, to shed some local light and love in an unprecedented time.

‘’ We're hoping as a scene we will be raising some money to help support the NHS financially, whilst also showcasing quality music that may not have seen the light of day otherwise.”

The first instalment makes a grand arrival with intricately-modulated riffs and attention-grabbing smacks from New-Wave Punks, Talk Show. Crashing from South London, they’ve formed a solid, sturdy foundation for the rest of the EP, and refuse to be ignored with their loud, live recording of ‘’Petrolhead’.

Next, Heart of Glass-esque electronic disco loops meet contrasting clashes of distortion and atmospheric verb-soaked vocals. Local Bristolian band Damefrisør, deliver a luscious, haunting aura with their track ‘’Torres Del Paine’’ - and it’s beautifully done.

Damefrisør: Wanda Harley
The Shuks: Amia Ocean Watling

‘'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds'’.

The infamous Oppenheimer quote is heard just before music begins, mercilessly setting the raw tone for The Shuks’ demo track ‘I’m No Better’. It’s exciting, loud and delivers the exact level of musical friction The Shuks are known for executing so effortlessly. The clear statement derived from this track creates a real galvanising energy that can be appreciated, regardless of genre-taste.

Lynks Afrikka (best name) and Mandy Visuals will undoubtedly leave your cheeks aching from smiling at their track ‘Arts & London!’. It’s brilliantly-cryptic satire dressed in a fun, comedic box-synth package and it’s incredible. Vegan spinach.

Lynks Afrikka: Holly Whitaker

After this, Gum Soul convey clever, relevant lyricism in classic Gum Soul fashion for track five of the EP. ‘’Molecule (Demo)’’ alludes to the spoken-sing style of Jamie T and Blur’s ‘’Parklife’’, a performance direction subtly hinted at in their most recent release ‘’Arrow’’, and much more prominently here.

The first Frontline EP finishes with Milo’s Planes short-but-sweet track ‘Tummy’. Profound bass rhythms stand strongly alongside guitar synchronisation, leaving a lot of sonic space for vocals to really stand out here - which it does in a smooth whispering manner. Vocal panning pairs with the high-pitched, sci-fi-esque synth ambience so seamlessly, making the track have a robust sense of atmosphere, making it a really cohesive statement to finalise the EP.

You can buy this eclectic mix of sounds on Bandcamp, priced at the minimum of £3, and all proceeds go towards an admirable cause during these confusing times.

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