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With festival season due to begin at the start of May, the pandemic seems to have other ideas – leading musicians and festival attendees alike to come together for an alternative: Homeschool.

Homeschool Festival is an online music festival specialising in upcoming artists/bands whilst delivering a platform for musicians to perform from the comfort of their own homes, to an online audience.

Homeschool's Promotional Poster

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve been calling up our favourite artists and asking them to film us lo-fi sets from self-isolation. Recorded on phones, in front rooms and with whatever is lying around, we’ve gathered them together – hundreds of them – to create a music festival of our very own: Homeschool.” - Dork Magazine

“Homeschool is also raising much needed awareness of the incredible work of frontline medical staff and volunteers here in the UK – encouraging donations to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal”

A stellar, wide-range of artists took Homeschool over the weekend, including the likes of Tom Grennan, Bloxx, Grouplove, Gengahr, Maisie Peters and one of our personal favourites, Lynks Afrikka, amongst many others.

Homeschool spotlighted an eclectic array of phenomenal artists coming together, effortlessly adapting to the pandemic and exaggerating the incredible sense of community currently within the music industry.

Speaking to Liam Ward of Dork’s team (@lmjwd) on the success of Homeschool, he commented:

“It’s far too easy to be sinking into a slump right now thinking about how rubbish the situation is, so most of us need a hand to focus on the good stuff.”

“While the functionality has always been there, we wouldn’t be able to do it [Homeschool] in “normal” times. It can be a nightmare getting three bands to turn up to a soundcheck sometimes… imagine the fun of organising 100s of live streams from artists alongside their own tours and releases”

“But “fortunately” (said very much in italics and inverted commas) everybody’s at home so we had time to do it, the artists had time to do it and fans had time to watch. It was a laugh - we could all do with a few right now.”

Homeschool performances can be found at various locations online and donations can still be made at homeschoolfest.com, supporting NHS Charities Together with Dork’s incredibly effective launch into festival season.

Below are a handful of honourable performances from the weekend:

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