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Amy Walklett releases "Why Do You (Acoustic)" alongside beautiful shots from Official Music Video

An unapologetically pop summer hit turned romantic ballad, Amy Walklett’s acoustic version of her debut single “Why Do You” is an exquisite ode to her heart-on-sleeve writing. The Bath-based singer released “Why Do You (Acoustic)” on all major streaming platforms on the 17th of July, and it has since been featured on BBC Introducing In The South West. The official video will be out on YouTube on the 24th. If you just can’t wait that long, follow these links to save "Why Do You (Acoustic)" on Spotify or Apple Music for early access to the video, shot by Max Presky at the idyllic Mapperton House & Gardens, Dorset.

BTS at "Why Do You (Acoustic)" filming, taken by Rachael Presky

Reimagined by Luke Targett (Madman-Music) and Amy herself, the stripped back version of the well-known and loved original showcases her effortless range and emotional mastery. Targett’s piano composition toys with neo-classical and minimalist themes, creating a serenity that greatly contrasts the original’s danceable energy, but is welcomed just the same.

Amy delivers new, complex emotions that were previously hidden within glittery club-anthem hooks - she blends the intimacy of her voice and the track with the perfect amount of intrinsic power and confidence, assured in her enjoyment of singing words straight from the heart. The kind of songwriter who sifts through books and pages of original lyrics to find those perfect lines, she is no stranger to deep feeling and love.

BTS at "Why Do You (Acoustic)" filming, taken by Rachael Presky

In the “Why Do You (Acoustic)” official video (out July 24th), it is clear that Amy Walklett really loves what she does. She is authentic in her peony-pink hair and bubbly demeanour whilst delivering her performance with such sincerity; proof that an artist who stays true to themselves is naturally versatile. Accompanied visually by her live pianist (Amy Greed), Walklett filmed in a cosy greenhouse at Mapperton House & Gardens in her hometown of Beaminster; the only place that could quench her thirst for more plants! The video is flawless - ornate and breathtakingly charming - which was to be expected from Max Presky (who has shot for both GQ and Vogue).

“Why Do You (Acoustic)” is out now on all major streaming platforms, and the countdown to the official video release is well underway. Make sure to follow Amy Walklett on Spotify for exclusive content, and connect with the singer on her socials below:





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